Giuliani Explodes On Lisa Kennedy After She Insinuates He Is Acting Like Christopher Steele: “You Better Apologize For That!”

Lisa Kennedy, GiulianiFox Video Screen Shots

Rudy Giuliani unloaded on Fox News host Lisa Kennedy after she insinuated that he is acting like the phony Russian dossier author Christopher Steele with the way that he has unveiled damning information about the Biden family.

“Some could say that you were acting like Christopher Steele,” Kennedy told the former New York City mayor.

Giuliani furiously crossed his arms and fired back, “You’vr gotta be kidding me! I was acting like Christopher Steele?!”

“That’s what it sounds like,” Kennedy responded.

“You better apologize for that!” Rudy exclaimed. “I’ve been a United States attorney, Associate Attorney General, mayor of New York City and a member of the bar for 50 years, and I’ve never been accused of anything. And you’re accusing me of being Christopher Steele?!”

“I’m accusing you of acting in a capacity similar to Christopher Steele, and that you were going back and forth between Ukraine and the United States,” Kennedy replied.

“What you are saying is an outrageous defamation of me — of my reputation!” Rudy responded. “Every single thing is here, and I want you to look at it and apologize to me!…You can come to my office, you can look at it and tomorrow night, you can apologize to me for saying I’m like Christopher Steele!”

“I told you there are underage girls there. There are! I told you there are documents that show that he’s getting 10%. There are! There are documents showing that he gets half of what Hunter gets. There are! And when they’re there, I want you to apologize to me because you just defamed me!”

After Kennedy agreed to the terms laid out, Giuliani cut things off: “I think our interview is over! I don’t let people call me Christopher Steele. Christopher Steele is a criminal! You’re asserting that I’m a criminal! That I made up these documents!” Video Below