Biden Makes Another Very Noticeable Inarticulate Gaffe: “Barack & I Think It’s A Right For People To Have [Badakathcare]!”

[Image source: Joe Biden's YouTube-- video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appears to be making up his own language along the campaign trail, since he emerged from his basement amid the China virus pandemic.

While speaking during a campaign event Saturday in Flint, Michigan, the former vice president was introduced by former President Barack Hussein Obama, who was stumping on the trail for his former White House colleague. Biden during his speech, however, made another very noticeable inarticulate gaffe while discussing health care.

Barack Hussein Obama introduces Joe Biden in Flint, Michigan:

During his speech Saturday, Joe Biden spoke in part about healthcare and the affordable heath care plan that was put in place under the Obama administration.

Biden alleged that President Trump “thinks health care is a privilege”, adding, “Barack and I think it’s a right for people to have badakathcare!” He did not seem to correct what he had mistakenly pronounced, but instead, continued on with his speech.

“We’re not only gonna restore Obamacare, we’re gonna build on it, we’re gonna keep your private insurance. If you like it, you can choose the medical air–Medicare public option, if you don’t. We’re gonna increase subsidies and lower your premiums and deductibles, the former vice president went on to claim. Video Below

Joe Biden’s remarks over healthcare in part- and his very noticeable inarticulate gaffe:

Swamp Drain checked to see if Joe Biden’s gaffe was real and made sure that it was not an altered video. It actually happened, and his remarks begin at the 45:15 mark in the video:

The Commander in Chief said of Biden and Obama on Saturday:

Continued Below

Joe Biden also appeared to make a very noticeable incoherent gaffe while speaking during a campaign stop in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania last weekend.

A video clip of part of his remarks surfaced on Twitter Friday, where it appeared Biden had told the members in the audience, “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumapzure!”

On Saturday in Flint, Michigan, Biden also appeared to say he would’ve “like to take a shot” at President Donald Trump– “in high school”.

Biden further claimed the Obama-Biden administration did not have “one since trace of scandal”.

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