Biden Struggles To Remember When His Campaign Began, Mistakenly Says He Is A ‘Grandmom’ To Finnegan Biden

[Image source: Joe Biden's YouTube-- video screenshot. MSNBC video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

During a second campaign stop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sunday, Joe Biden struggled to remember when began his presidential campaign, while speaking to voters.

The 2020 presidential campaign of Joe Biden began on April 25, 2019, when he released a video announcing his candidacy in the 2020 Democratic party presidential primaries.

During his remarks Sunday, Joe Biden said in part, “We launched our campaign over on the oval, back in 29– May 9– 2019.” Biden launched his campaign on April 25, 2019.

Earlier in the day, Biden seemed briefly confused before correcting himself, when he mistakenly told a small group of people that he is a “Grandmom” to Finnegan Biden, his granddaughter.

At a September rally, President Trump mocked Biden, saying “he’s got half of his head left”.

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