Rep. Jordan: “How Do You Incite A Riot That Was Already Planned?”; Backs Graham’s Threat To Have FBI Testify

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On Tuesday, Rep. Jim Jordan voiced his continued disapproval with the Democrats’ “ridiculous” effort to impeach President Trump.

With only one week until the Senate trial is set to begin, Jordan remains puzzled about how exactly the allegation that President Trump incited the January 6th riot could even be possible when “it was already planned” prior to Trump’s speech, according to information he has gathered.

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What’s even more trivial to Jordan, is the fact that President Trump is being accused of stirring up chaos at the Capitol, despite telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard during his speech.

“How do you incite a riot that was already planned?” Jordan questioned. “How do you incite a riot when the president said “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard?”

“This impeachment is ridiculous,” he added. Video Below

Rep. Jordan’s Official Tweet

Rep. Jordan went on to appear for an interview on Tuesday, where he backed Sen. Lindsey Graham’s threat to bring in the FBI to testify if Democrat Senators decide to call witnesses forward at the impeachment trial.

“You would ask the FBI, ‘What did they know beforehand?’ Remember, there were bombs put at the Republican National Committee the day before. The attack was planned before the President gave his remarks at the Ellipse,” Jordan said.

“I think knowing some of that and asking some of those questions, Senator Graham is exactly right,” he added. “If the Democrat impeachment team is going to call witnesses, then certainly the defense should be able to call witnesses as well.” Video Below