Rep. Jim Jordan Lays Out ‘Four Facts’ That ‘Will Never Change’ With Impeachment 2.0

Jim JordanNBC Video Screen Shot

After two days of watching the Senate trial, Congressman Jim Jordan remains strongly opposed to Democrats’ second effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

As Democrats try to convince at least 17 GOP Senators that Trump is guilty of “incitement of insurrection,” Rep. Jordan laid out “four facts” he says “will never change” in regards to Impeachment 2.0.

Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted:

“Four facts will never change:

1. This #impeachment is unconstitutional.

2. President Trump wasn’t afforded due process.

3. The impeachment charges undermine the First Amendment.

4. Impeachment won’t ‘unify’ the country.”

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Rep. Jordan’s Official Tweet

Rep. Jordan has also slammed Democrat impeachment managers for editing out a key moment from a video montage played during the first day of the trial, which attempted to connect words spoken by President Trump to the January 6th Capitol riot.

Jordan argues that Democrats left out a clip where Trump told his crowd of supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard.

Here is an interview posted by Rep. Andy Biggs where Jordan mentions the edited video as well as the “four facts” pointed out above:

In ending, here is another tweet Rep. Jordan posted on Wednesday, where he lashes out on Democrats’ cancelation efforts: