Plaskett Vents Her Frustration Over ‘Black Women’ In Trump Defense Videos: “I Thought We Were Past That… Maybe We’re Not”

[Image source: Virgin Islands House Del. Stacey Plaskett-- CBSN video screenshot].

During Friday’s impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, Virgin Islands House Del. Stacey Plaskett complained over Trump’s attorney’s using videos of Democrats using the word “fight,” to make their case.

Plaskett specifically appeared to vent her frustration because the video included Democrats with “Black women and people of color” that were “fighting for a cause or an issue or a policy”.

“I’ll briefly say, the defense councils put a lot of videos out in their defense, playing clip after clip of Black women talking about fighting for a cause or an issue or a policy. It was not lost on me as so many of them were people of color, and women, Black women. Black women like myself who are sick and tired of being sick and tired for our children. Your children, our children” Stacey Plaskett said.

“This summer things happened that were violent, but there were also things that gave some of us Black women great comfort. Seeing Amish people from Pennsylvania standing up with us. Members of Congress fighting up with us,” she continued.

“And so I thought we were past that. I think maybe we’re not,” Plaskett added.

Earlier in the day, former President Donald Trump’s lawyer David Schoen played a lengthy video during the impeachment trial, featuring former Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and countless other Democrats using the word “fight,”. The video also featured most of the Democratic impeachment managers who are prosecuting the case, using the same rhetoric. Video Below

Stacey Plaskett’s remarks:

Pastor Darrell Scott reacted to Plaskett’s statement regarding the video played by Trump’s defense, suggesting she “predictably, plays the race card”.

Democrats allege that the former president incited violence at the Capitol in a speech he delivered near the White House on January 6. In his address, Mr. Trump used the words “fight like hell” in reference to his team’s legal efforts around election integrity and primarying lawmakers in upcoming elections. House managers claimed that the 45th President used the words to incite his followers to commit violence.

Trump’s defense played the following video:

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