Sen. Klobuchar Declares Trump’s Political Future ‘Is Done’ After Being Acquitted By The Senate

[Image source: President Donald Trump-- Tic Toc Twitter video screenshot. Sen. Amy Klobuchar-- Fox News video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation].

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday”, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) declared that former President Donald Trump’s political future “is done” after being acquitted by the Senate on Saturday.

“[Senator] Lindsey Graham makes it clear– he thinks Donald Trump is still a viable and important force in Republican politics. Is he?” anchor Chris Wallace asked Klobuchar after his interview with Graham.

Senator Klobuchar responded, “No.”

“And that’s because and you can see where the numbers are right now with how he’s doing, with how people think of him across the country. I say no,” she claimed.

“One: as Mitch McConnell points out, there’s a lot of other investigations going on about this man. Two: the American people have now seen clear out what he did. He violated his oath of office in what Liz Cheney called the ‘greatest betrayal of a president’s oath of office in history’. And those memories, and those police officers’ screams will be forever etched in the memories of Americans,” Klobuchar alleged.

“He is done,” the Minnesota Senator declared. Video Below

Senator Amy Klubuchar’s full exchange with Chris Wallace. Her remarks over President Trump’s political future begins at the 6:19 mark:

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Meanwhile, former Acting Director of National Intelligence under President Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, poked fun at Senator Klobuchar on Sunday, when she was visibly seen looking down at what appeared to be prepared “talking points” during her interview with Wallace.

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