Jim Acosta Gets Confronted By Another Reporter At CPAC: “When Are You Guys Going To Start Covering Cuomo?”

[Image source: Jim Acosta-- Twitter video screenshot].

CNN’s chief domestic affairs correspondent, Abilio James Acosta, who goes by Jim, was confronted at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida on Friday.

A reporter from The Federalist demanded to know why CNN isn’t covering a pair of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) scandals: the COVID nursing scandal and a sexual harassment complaint.

Federalist reporter David Marcus interrupted Acosta as he was giving an interview, telling the CNN correspondent, “Hey, hey, hey, Jim. Hey, Jim, I’m David Marcus from The Federalist. When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?”

“Sorry, I’m conducting an interview,” Acosta replied to Marcus.

“When are you going to start covering Cuomo?” the Federalist reporter wondered, reiterating his initial question.

“We do,” Acosta claimed, before Marcus fired back: “No, I’m asking you a serious question.” Video Below

Federalist reporter David Marcus confronted Abilio James Acosta; watch the full exchange:

CPAC communications director Ian Walters weighed in on the clip of Acosta being questioned, stating, “Everyone has a right to ask the tough questions. There is no Divine Right of Media Kingpins.”

While CNN hasn’t covered Cuomo’s scandal intensely, the network has called Cuomo out, Mediate reported.

Acosta, who is covering CPAC for CNN this year, was not welcomed kindly by some guests at CPAC, who earlier in the morning chanted, “CNN sucks!”

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