WATCH: WH Feed Cuts Off As Biden Says ‘I’m Happy to Take Questions if That’s What I’m Supposed to Do’

BidenWhite House Video Screenshot

The media team at the White House abruptly cut off live video feed on Wednesday just as Joe Biden signaled interest in taking questions at a virtual event with the House Democratic Caucus.

Biden was finishing up participating in the event that featured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when the rather odd scenario unfolded.

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“Thank you, thank you. And I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance…whatever you want me to do,” Biden is heard saying.

A few moments of awkward silence followed before the frame switched away from Biden and his sign language interpreter, who both appeared ready for questions. The event then ended.

Video Below


Here is another angle:

(Go to the 17:15 mark)