Swalwell Tells Cruz To ‘Sit Down’ While Trading Barbs, Cruz Levels Him With Three Burning Questions

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Congressman Eric Swalwell got into a brief sparring match on Twitter after the Texas senator responded to news of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reappointing the California representative back to the House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Swalwell was removed from his role on the committee following reports of his close relationship with alleged Chinese spy Christine Fang, aka Fang Fang.

The drama started after Sen. Cruz retweeted a news article about Swalwell being reappointed to the House Intel Committee.

“To be fair, [Swalwell] has done a lot of undercover work on Chinese communists,” Sen. Cruz wrote in reaction to the article.

Rep. Swalwell responded by calling out Sen. Cruz for briefly traveling to Cancún while his state was going through a winter storm crisis.

“To be fair, you left your constituents in a storm for an out-of-country Ritz Carlton. And Trump called your wife ugly and you sided with..Trump,” Swalwell tweeted. “So sit down.”

Sen. Cruz, in turn, leveled Rep. Swalwell with three burning questions.

The Texas senator tweeted:

“Finally—Swalwell came out of hiding to engage on Fang Fang (or, more accurately, to distract w/ ad hominems).

“Now he can answer the Qs he’s been dodging:

– Did you have sex w/ a Chinese spy?

– What did you tell her?

– How the hell can you serve on the Intelligence Committee?”

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Sen. Cruz Responds To Rep. Swalwell