Sen. Cruz Makes The Case For Why Becerra Is ‘The Single Worst Nominee Put Forward By Joe Biden’

[Image: Senator Ted Cruz on the Senate Floor 3-17-21-- Ted Cruz's Youtube-- video screenshot. Xavier Becerra-- HHS Nominee-- NBC News video screenshot. Swamp Drain compilation.]

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) vehemently opposes Xavier Becerra as Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and voiced his concerns on the Senate floor Wednesday, suggesting Becerra as a “radical, leftwing trial attorney”.

Cruz encouraged Joe Biden to nominate someone qualified to lead HHS and the United States’ pandemic response, as the Texas Senator believes that Becerra “has no healthcare experience whatsoever”, is “woefully unqualified”, and he made the case for why Becerra ” is the single worst cabinet nominee put forward by Joe Biden”.

“I rise to oppose the nomination of Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services. There are unfortunately numerous nominees in the Biden administration who are either extreme or unqualified for the positions for which they have been nominated,” Senator Ted Cruz said.

“But of all of those nominees, I believe Mr. Becerra is the single worst cabinet nominee put forward by Joe Biden to serve in the cabinet,” the Texas Senator declared.

“President Biden has told has told this country repeatedly that his top priority is defeating the COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Health and Human Services is on the front line fighting COVID-19. Mr. Becerra by any measure, is woefully unqualified to lead that department,” he expressed.

“Mr. Becerra is not a doctor. Mr. Becerra is not a scientist. Mr. Becerra has no healthcare experience whatsoever, he has not medical experience whatsoever. He has no experience in virology. He has no experience with pharmaceuticals. He has no experience running a state or local healthcare agency. He has no experience in logistics,” Mr. Cruz explained. Continued Below

“The Department of HHS is in the process of administering hundreds of millions of vaccines. Mr. Becerra has never so much as distributed french fries at a McDonald’s. Mr. Becerra’s only qualifications and indeed, the qualification that earned him this nomination– is he is a radical, leftwing trial attorney,” the Texas Senator pointed out.

He went on to say that if a Republican nominated someone to lead the Department of Health and Human Services “with zero experience, zero medical experience, zero pharmaceutical experience in the midst of a global pandemic, that Republican president would have been laughed out of the room”.

“If a Republican president had done that, all of the Democrats would have been lined up here thundering, ‘This is a president that doesn’t care about science!’ You would’ve heard Democrats telling us, ‘This is a president for who defeating COVID-19 is not a priority, is not serious. … This is president … who puts partisan priorities above defeating the public health menace of COVID-19,'” Senator Cruz predicted. Video Below

“This is a president who is more concerned about appeasing his radical base than he is about protecting the public health and safety of Americans,” he added.

Senator Ted Cruz’s full remarks:

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