Rep. Greene Discloses The Underlying Reason Why She Speculates The Establishment ‘Fears’ Her

[Image: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)-- Rumble video screenshot.]

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) have teamed up to carry the torch for former President Donald Trump by holding “America First” cross-country rallies, with the next event being held Thursday, May 27th at the Dalton Convention Center at 6:30 p.m.

Rep. Greene appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room Pandemic” Wednesday, describing the reason for the rallies. She also pushed back at the establishment in Washington, D.C., who want her and Rep. Gaetz out of Congress, and disclosed the underlying reason why she speculates they “fear” her.

Steve Bannon expressed surprise over how “big” the “America First” rallies have turned out for them, asking, “Are you kind of overwhelmed by the response you’ve gotten by the American people? [Be]cause, I’ve got to tell you, outside of Donald J. Trump, and I consider myself an expert in this, there’s not a politician in this country that can draw, not just the crowds, but the intensity of the enthusiasm that Marjorie Taylor Greene draws. And that’s why they fear her. They fear her because of her support by hard working Americans.”

Rep. Greene responded: “You know the American people are fired up about our America First rallies, and I’ll tell you exactly why, Steve. They are fed up with BS and the lies that pour out of the swamp in D.C. that just bubble out the media and the hate-America leftists and the Democrats. They’re sick and tired of it and we know the way to fight back. We know America first polices are the way forward for the future.”

“That’s what these America First policies are all about. We’re bringing everyone back out. These are the people that are absolutely in love with the MAGA movement. These are the people that fell in love with President Trump’s America First policies over the past four years. These are the people that want the truth, are seeking the truth, care about election integrity, and these are the people that love our freedoms and refuse to allow America to fall into a socialist country,” Greene said.

“What Matt Gaetz and I are doing is we’re traveling the country. We’re taking it by storm and bringing everyone out and bringing people together and bringing hope back that we can truly save America and stop socialism,” she expressed. Continued Below

Bannon said that the rallies are booked and wondered if that is “why [Kevin] McCarthy and the establishment are so worried about you?– That you have now built up a following within the America First movement, or kind of a voice of the America First movement on a practical basis? Is that why they fear you?”

“They fear me because they know I’m with the people. I’m not a politician, and I say it all the time. People over politicians. This is why our rallies are drawing thousands of people. … We’re building a list of places to go, and we would love to come to your town,” she said.

“Here’s why the establishment, the media, the Democrats are shocked: They’re dazed and confused, because they never expected this out of me. The media basically tried to destroy Matt Gaetz with these fake allegations. And the media tried to destroy me right from the start. The Democrats are trying to take me out as we speak. They have the resolution to expel me. Just yesterday, Steny Hoyer was calling for me to be expelled from Congress, but I’ve done nothing wrong,” Rep. Greene said. Video Below

“The only thing that I have done that they’re so offended by, is I go in every single day and I speak exactly how real American talk at their kitchen tables– how real Americans talk when their on break at work, how real Americans talk to one another. And I’m saying, ‘I’m being your voice in Congress’, and I refuse to back down,” the Georgia congresswoman explained.

“Americans are seeing the truth and their coming out by the thousands to stand with me and fight for our American First policies, because the people of this country– we aren’t just going to lay down to socialism like the Democrats want. We’re the American people that are going to stand up and stop it. … This is why the establishment is losing their mind,” she added.

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