Right After Flake Bashes Pres Trump, WATCH Sarah Take Him To The WOODSHED

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Tuesday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was on fire again.

During the briefing, she took a number of questions from the press from the President’s joking response about a comment he made in Ohio. (Video Below)

President Trump said Monday during his speech in Ohio that Democrats were “un-American” for largely sitting silent and stone-faced during his speech last week, saying, “Somebody said, ‘treasonous.’ I mean, yeah, I guess. Why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean, they certainly didn’t seem to love our country that much.”

Clearly President Trump was joking around. But, RINO Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) decided to put his two cents in from the Senate floor over the President’s remarks.

Flake said that President Trump suggesting that Democrats not applauding during his State of the Union speech was treason, adding Trump’s remarks are “not normal.”

“One who levels such a charge knows neither the meaning of treason nor the power that the words of a president carry. Our silence will also mark the day that we failed to recognize that this conduct in an American president is simply not normal,” Flake said. (Video Below)

Flake then questioned his colleagues, asking if they had grown “numb” to President Trump’s behavior, and warned if they had grown numb, they would come to regret not standing up for their Senate colleagues.

“I have seen the president’s most ardent defenders use the now weary argument that the president’s comments were meant as a joke, just sarcasm, only tongue-in-cheek, but treason is not a punch line,” he said. 

During the briefing, Major Elliott Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent with CBS News asked Sarah about Flakes comments.

“Can you say for the sake of the future that you agree with Senator Flake on that treason or treasonous is not a punchline… it’s not a joking matter?” (Video Below)

Sarah immediately shot back at Major’s question, and put RINO Flake in his rightful place.

“Look honestly I’m not going to respond directly to Senator flakes comments. I don’t really care what Senator Flake has to say. I don’t think his constituents do either, and I think that’s why his numbers are the tank. The president was clearly joking with his comments.”

Then she went in for the epic blow knocking down the obstructing Democrats.

Sarah is absolutely correct in calling out Senator Flake who took a cheap shot at the President.

And, Sarah is correct in calling out the Democrats who looked like FOOLS during the State of the Union address. It doesn’t say much to their constituents.

It’s high time the Democrats take notes. Their rude behavior and anti-American tactics are only pushing voters to President Trump. That’s quite okay with us on the Trump Train. Trump supporters welcome those waking up after swallowing the red pill.

Watch Sarah light up Jeff Flake and the Democrats:

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