NASA Moves Full Speed Ahead With Earth-Shattering New Milestone

Launching from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a multi-user spaceport. Nice work NASA, Mike Pence, President Trump and America! Photo Credit NASA/Km Shiflett, USA for Trump Compilation

The Falcon Heavy rocketed into orbit Tuesday evening from America! Right from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida! Way to go NASA! Not to mention, it was a GREAT AMERICAN rocket-to-space success story!

NASA reported yesterday that “Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana expressed congratulations to Space X on the launch of the Falcon Heavy.

Cabana said, “The successful launch of a new vehicle on its first flight is a significant accomplishment. They can be very proud of,” he said. “As a multi-user spaceport. I look forward to the continued expansion of commercial spaceflight. From Kennedy and the integration of a new class of launch vehicle into our Nation’s space program.”

In addition, NASA reported that, “acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot congratulated the entire SpaceX team. On the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy.” He said, “All of us in this business know the effort it takes to get to a first flight of any new vehicle. And recognize the tremendous accomplishment we witnessed today,” he said.

Lightfoot continued, “I am really proud of the hard work of our NASA team, in particular at Kennedy, for the transformation into a multi-user spaceport.”

Additionally, he continued with “watching the Falcon Heavy rise above the historic pad. That has been the launch point for so many critical missions is a true testament to the hard work transitioning our nation’s launch infrastructure in support of the commercial launch industry.”

Watch As The Falcon Heavy Rockets into Space from America!

To say nothing of the cheers erupting from the Falcon watchers, the American fellowship was phenomenal! The launch was even better!

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