Gaetz Pops Off The Chain As #NudePicGate Haunts Adam Schiff

Image Source: USA 4 Trump

Things keep getting worse for Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA ).


Wednesday night Rep Matt Gaetz joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News, where they discussed the video of Adam Schiff caught colluding with Russians to obtain nude photos of Trump.

“Little Adam Schiff” was punked a year ago from two Russian comedians. The Russian’s comedic names are “Vovan” and “Lexus.” However, these two pranksters didn’t just get Little Adam. Read more HERE to see who else.

“Vovan” and “Lexus” the pair of Russians, called Schiff’s office, and when Schiff came to the phone, they offered him pictures of “naked Trump.”

Interestingly, Schiff asked if Putin was aware of the availability of the photos. He then made arrangements for his office to collect the photos from the D.C. Ukrainian Embassy! (VIDEOS BELOW)

During the interview with Tucker, Rep Matt Gaetz said that the House Judiciary Committee and other top Republicans are calling for Adam Schiff to recuse himself, just as AG Jeff Sessions did in any and all related Russian investigations.

“Schiff has gone from someone with oversight responsibilities to an actual principal in this investigation…For better objectivity, he ought to step aside,” said Gaetz. 


Here are the Russian comedians pranking Adam Schiff if you missed it.

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  1. So Schiff wanted nude photos of Donald Trump not his wife? I think hes just a little off the path here. What good are nude pics of a president gonna do or prove? That at one time our president was naked. There are lots of naked presidents in our history. In fact i would go so far as to say they were all naked at one time or another. So did Schiff want these for his own private use. Yuck. Come on man he’s 67. I’m 67. The only naked pcs of 67 year old men who want them is their wives. But why does Schiff? Yeah he needs to recuse hisself from this before any other sick aspects of his baser thoughts come out. Gotta admit he creaped me out.

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