What Jimmy Kimmel Just Did Guarantees Trump & GOP Will Win 2018 Midterms In Landslide (Video)

Source: Screenshot

Hollywood liberals never learn. Stunted by massive ego’s and the sycophants drawn to them they ignore reality and stay rooted in the myths they create for themselves.

Legends in their own minds kind of thing.

They really think America listens to them and think they deserve a political voice. History has been very clear that America wants entertainment and politics separate.

But off the Hollywood crowd goes to force feed their views onto a doubtful public. Headlong they rush to their doom unaware of the damage they are causing.

Trump and the GOP’s winning strategy is to simply run against Nancy ‘Crumbalina’ Pelosi. That is usually a winner.

But the Hollywood crowd just gave the GOP another readymade target hated almost as much as Pelosi – themselves – to run against.

Like lambs to the slaughter the Hollywood crowd will lead the Dems to destruction in 2018 and when that happens, 2020 will be a cake walk for Trump.

So despite all their annoying bluster, you know Trump and the GOP strategists are salivating after seeing this video.

We can only hope they will make more.