Sebastian Gorka Issues Terrifying Warning To All Trump Supporters About What’s Coming Next

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This is not good. Now, while we have all feared this to be true this bombshell revelation by Dr. Sebastian Gorka confirms our worst fears.

Former Deputy Assitant to President Trump, in other words, a very high ranking White House official Dr. Sebastian Gorka knows what he is talking about.

He has been around the Washington D.C. scene for many years and has developed many contacts within certain agencies.

And his just issued a terrifying warning to all Trump supporters.

Speaking on Larry O’Conner’s radio show, Dr. Gorka revealed for the first time what a senior FBI agent recently told him about President Trump.

“The 7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy.”

The 7th floor is where the FBI’s leadership sits. And if this is true it is a game changer.

This shocking transcript comes from the Washington Times:

O’Connor: I know you’ve been commenting Dr. Gorka about some of the reporters, a few courageous reporters who are doing really good work on this story…Sara Carter is one of them. We had Byron York on earlier in the program, he wrote about how James Comey testified that the FBI didn’t think that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had lied to them, yet then of course he plead guilty to lying to the FBI. I’ve got to ask you, looking back at your time at the White House, knowing that all of this was going on and knowing what had set it up, this FISA warrant, and the nefarious actions of the senior levels of the Justice Department, does it sort of all…you’ve got to have some type of visceral reaction knowing that so many people were operating against your work while you were there.

Gorka: Let me give you something that I haven’t shared frequently but illustrates the enormity of the issue. So when I came in my rank was Deputy Assistant to the President. And I wanted to build a team inside the White House to do the kind of terrorism work that we were mandated to do. And I wanted to bring three of my former students in as detailees, these were the smartest kids I trained at graduate level and they were all at the FBI. So I put my request in, as a Deputy to the President to the FBI, they did nothing.They slow rolled it for 6 months, which is weird because they actually work for the President until I find out from senior FBI agents, this is a direct quote, “The 7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy”.

O’Connor: Wow.

Gorka: That’s America, that’s America in 2017.


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  1. Reeser Ferguson | February 18, 2018 at 8:07 pm |

    I think the FBI seventh floor has there position clear! They are the ones that should be worried!

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