After Obama’s Reveal Latest Portraits, WATCH Diamond & Silk Ruin Their Day

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This week Barack and Michelle Obama revealed their official portraits that will hang in the National Portrait Gallery.

Barack Obama’s portrait is painted in a seated in a chair surrounded by flowers and leaves, while Michelle is in a seated position, wearing a geometric pattern dress and against a light blue background. (VIDEO BELOW)

Many agree the pictures are bizarre. Obama’s picture is out of place with the other Presidential portraits. Michelle’s portrait is in question as to whether it looks anything like her.

The verdict of Michelle’s portrait however varies widely; from positive responses, to confused reactions, to concern that the portrait did not live up to the subject.

Saturday night, Diamond and Silk joined Jesse Watters to give their take on the portraits.

When the ladies found out who painted the portraits and what the artist has previously painted, Diamond and Silk were stunned. (VIDEO BELOW)

They also believe that Barack’s photo looks photo-shopped and out of place, while Michelle’s photo looks nothing like her.

Diamond and Silk are hilarious, and we love them!

Watch the video below:

Diamond and Silk are SPOT ON! Do you agree? Scroll down and let us know in the comments below.

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