BUSTED: Look Who Let the Russian Trolls Into America Back In 2014

Vladimir Putin Credit: EPA via Politico

Unbelievable! Two of the Russian trolls entered the United States in 2014 and applied for visas to travel to the U.S. State Department for “personal reasons.”

Essentially, John Kerry’s State Department allowed them in and then let them have their way with America and her elections. If that just doesn’t say it ALL!

Nick Short who is with CRTV and Michelle Malkin, tweeted this BLOCKBUSTER revelation!

“From indictment, 2 of the Russians were able to enter U.S. on travel visas which they received after applying for them through the State Dept in 2014. From June 4, 2014 – June 26, 2014 they traveled around the US. Who was head of the FBI & State Dept at this time again?”


John Kerry’s State Department allowed the trolls into America!

Shortly, the Patriots of America began to respond! David said, “I wonder if the scheme was orchestrated back then to suppress not candidate Donald Trump but the Republican candidate against the Democrats and executed by the scheduled timeline when it was.” And Maggie backed him up with, “I believe that as well. No matter who the GOP candidate would be Hillary/Obama and Co. had a plan.” 

Last, Philip came along and asked the question that is now on every Patriot’s mind, “What in the name of Providence has this Mueller indictment to do with election 2016, this was long before Trump stood in the primaries.”

The effect these 13 low level Russian trolls had on the election are known to be NONE. A big nothing burger. Why do you suppose Kerry allowed these operatives into our Nation? Drop your comment below and let us know!