Dems Will Have NIGHTMARES After Seeing BOMB Ken Starr Dropped Seconds Ago To Save Trump

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On Sunday, Ken Starr joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business for a one-on-one interview.

Former independent counsel Ken Starr previously noted that if he were President Trump‘s attorney he would advise Trump about the risks he faces by sitting down with Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of the investigation into Russian election meddling. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the interview, Maria asked Ken about the announcement on Friday where Rod Rosenstein stepped to the podium with 13 Russia indictment charges.

Ken said, “there’s not a word in the indictment that suggests collusion. In fact, there’s a word that suggests non collusion, and that’s the word unwittingly that appears early on.

Maria noted that she previously interviewed Jeff Sessions where they discussed the FISA abuse. Sessios stated there are 27 instances of classified information being leaked and it’s being investigated.

Ken stated that if classified material was leaked for political purposes that it’s an in-pardonable sin. (VIDEO BELOW)

“There needs to be a new paradigm. A paradigm of transparency. We need to get these sets of issues behind us, and we also need to know the truth, in terms of whether there was wrongdoing. Let’s get all the facts, then let’s hold people accountable. Be fair and aggressive,” he declared.

President Trump came forward after watching the interview tweeting:“Thank you to KenStarr, former Independent Counsel, Whitewater, for your insight and powerful words on FISA abuse, Russian meddling etc. Really great interview with @MariaBartiromo” (VIDEO BELOW)

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WATCH the explosive interview below:

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