EPIC! Dan Bongino BRUTALLY CRUSHES Liberal Attorney Over Russia Collusion

Image Source: Video screen shots. Edited & Collaborated by USA 4 Trump

Monday night, Dan Bongino joined Sean Hannity where they discussed the outcome of the “Russian collusion.”

Dan Bongino is a true Patriot and brutally crushed liberal attorney Daryl Parks, who doesn’t care much about FACTS. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the segment, Hannity asked Parks a series of questions about the Russian interfere and the collusion with Crooked Hillary. Bongino holds back his laughter.

Parks basically dodges every question making himself look like a complete fool.

“Does it bother you that Hillary’s campaign in the DNC paid 12 million dollars for what turned out to be Russian lies to manipulate the American people before an election?” Hannity asked.

Parks doesn’t believe Crooked Hillary cheated, and is only concerned with taking President Trump down. He only cares about Trump and Russia, but has no evidence to back up his statements. (VIDEO BELOW)

In addition, Rod Rosenstien informed the pubic Friday that there was NO Trump Russia collusion. But, liberals are hell bound in finding something.

Liberal will do anything to take President Trump down. This is what you call complete “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Watch Dan Bongino and Hannity rip the liberal attorney to shreds:

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