Maddow & Acosta SICK To Their Stomaches As Trump Gets The Last Laugh

President Trump, Rachel Maddie, Jim Acosta via Screen Grabs

After President Trump won the election, mainstream news has fought tooth and nail, trying to blame Hillary’s defeat strictly on Russian collusion. And so far, a year and a half later, nothing has panned out to back up their claim they have tried to jam down Americans’ throats.

In fact, the funny thing about any of it is Hillary’s Campaign and the Obama Administration have far more evidence of collusion with Russia than the Trump Campaign…talk about backfire! President Trump, in calculated fashion, couldn’t help to finally settle the score with two of the most biased sources of them all, now that all of the dust has all but settled, exposing the truth. (SEE BELOW)

Trump specifically called out MSNBC and CNN in a recent tweet he shot out Tuesday evening. This came just hours after the Twitter storm he set off, which can be seen HERE.

In his most recent tweet, Trump said:

“Bad ratings @CNN & @MSNBC got scammed when they covered the anti-Trump Russia rally wall-to-wall. They probably knew it was Fake News but, because it was a rally against me, they pushed it hard anyway. Two really dishonest newscasters, but the public is wise!”

See Tweet Below

What Trump said is both true, but very, very sad.

The Russian Collusion narrative pushed forth by America’s very own media, is likely one of the biggest conjoined hoaxes ever attempted and perpetrated on the American people. And that is exactly what the President called them out on.

Trump has been put under so much pressure from the media, that he constantly has to go on Twitter to defend himself, while also carrying out the task of Making America Great Again. And it can’t be easy.

While so much good is happening in America as a result of Trump’s Presidency, the media has taken a disgusting approach to belittle him, all because they are likely still very agitated over something that happened over 1.5 years ago when he won and they failed.

It’s a shame for them, as they continue to make fools out of themselves on national TV, that majority of America has chosen to move on and enjoy the benefits of having a Trump Administration lead America. While the media, in their little bubble, still doesn’t get it.

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