Middle America Overrules Media, Gives Chuck And Nancy Embarrassing Spanking They Truly Deserve

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The liberal media thinks the American voter is dumb. It is a sad fact but it is a true fact. They look down on us as they laugh all the way to the bank.

They create narratives, complete with their bias and expect us to follow along like lemmings.

They grow visibly frustrated when we ignore them and add more and more spin until they become caricatures of themselves.

The hard-hitting newsman reporting on gossip and scandals that are more appropriate for high school than the nation’s airwaves.

But we are not so conditioned that we buy their BS on a nightly basis.

But we can think independently and have and to their horror, vote that way too.

They think they control the discourse in this country and that we all follow along like sheep to the slaughter. They think we are stupid for questioning what in the hell our leaders have been doing for the last 18 years.

While we wasted trillions on stupid wars we were at the same time exporting our jobs and technology to China.

At the time a backwater nation full of poverty who in 18 short years (because we gave them the tools) they have grown into our only rival in the world.

Nice job guys – if that isn’t treason we need to redefine the word.

Think of it – they created Frankenstein when they let China into the WTO and now Trump has to try to fix the mess.

The bad news the genie is always hardest to put back in the bottle (thanks Bush and Obama).

The good news – Trump will have the next 7 years to fix the blunder of the past and Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi can do nothing about it.

From Axios:

The Republican tax cut law, which once appeared overwhelmingly unpopular, is now supported by a narrow majority of Americans, according to a Survey Monkey poll published in the NY Times.

Support is at 51% overall (up from 37% in December), 89% among Republicans and 19% among Democrats.

Why it matters: Republicans see selling the tax cuts as perhaps the most important part of preserving the congressional majorities in the 2018 midterms.

Americans are not stupid. The media is just learning this fact and the Democrats are about to learn the lesson the hard way.


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