Nancy Pelosi Publicly Humiliated At Phoenix Event By Pro Trump Patriot (Video)

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Nancy Pelosi, fresh off her let them eat crumbs moment is barnstorming the nation trying to stop Trump’s momentum.

After the GOP passed the massive tax reform Trump’s numbers have been on the rise. In fact, at this point in his term he has higher approval numbers than Barack Obama.

The media won’t report these numbers because they go against their desperate narrative that Trump is ruining this great nation.

The media will also never report how hypocritical the left is, or how rich Nancy Pelosi really is. Did you know Pelosi is loaded with a capital L?

That she has her very own winery in Napa Valley? Most don’t know this because the media won’t report it.

Only the very wealthy can afford their own private Napa winery which doesn’t disqualify Nancy from office but it certainly does disqualify her as the patron saint of the downtrodden that she thinks she is.

Only a rich winery owner would laugh at a few thousand bucks and call them crumbs. Pelosi will never live that down, nor should she.

From the Free Beacon:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was heckled Tuesday at an anti-tax reform town hall when an attendee interrupted her comment about inequality by asking about the congresswoman’s wealth.

“The national budget should be a statement of our national values,” Pelosi said before adding it was wrong for people to live in “inordinate wealth” while others are in “abject, deadening poverty.”

“So these are kitchen table issues though for America’s families…Most people are not in deadening poverty, but some are. But most people have to struggle to make ends meet—.”

“How much are you worth, Nancy?” a woman yelled from the audience, asking if she was in “abject poverty.”

Pelosi dismissed her.

“No, we’re not talking about that,” Pelosi replied. “I’m a mother of five, I can speak louder than anybody.”

How much are you worth, Nancy? 

America wants to know but more importantly, we want to know what you were doing to help the poor before Trump came into office? If the answer is nothing, as it appears, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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  1. she’s a lying POS

  2. Carol in Denver | February 22, 2018 at 2:50 pm |

    She is a mother of five. OMG lady, aren’t you special. What a ridiculous answer.

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