Sheriff Clarke Zones In And Exposes Another George Soros Dirty Little Secret

Sheriff Clarke and George Soros via Twitter and REX FEATURES

The horrific Parkland, FL school shooting has opened up a national debate on how to prevent a tragedy like it from ever happening again. Some survivors of the shooting at Marjory Douglas High School have even gone as far as to start an activism campaign calling for gun control.

Sheriff David A. Clarke brought forth a theory regarding the student’s gun control campaign that is raising eyebrows. And the blame, according to Sheriff Clarke, lies solely on none other than liberal billionaire George Soros.

Is George Soros Behind Parkland’s Student Gun Control Protests?

Sheriff Clarke is beginning to think George Soros could be behind the student activism campaign for gun control. He bases this assumption from prior knowledge directly related to nationally covered events in cities, such as Ferguson and Baltimore, which led to the BLM movement.

In a tweet, Sheriff Clarke suggests:

“The well ORGANIZED effort by Florida school students demanding gun control has GEORGE SOROS’ FINGERPRINTS all over it. It is similar to how he hijacked and exploited black people’s emotion regarding police use of force incidents into the COP HATING Black Lives Matter movement.” See Tweet Below

If George Soros is, in fact, involved, it would come as no surprise, since he strives to fund and organize efforts much like what we are seeing in Florida.

Although some may think Clarke’s assumption is far-fetched, it should be taken into account in coming days, as we observe how the situation regarding activists in Parkland, FL develops.

President Trump, who’s a big proponent of the 2nd Amendment, is open to suggestions on how to move forward and even held a listening session with students and families of Marjory Douglas High School.

One of the fathers of a student who was killed didn’t blame guns, yet mentioned how tighter security is necessary for the safety of our children. You can read more about that HERE.

What do you think should be done to help prevent school shootings im the future? Ia George Soros behind the student activist movement? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!

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