VP Pence Walked Onto Stage & What He Said Next Brought Everyone To Their Feet Chanting

Image Source: Left-NHPR, Right-The Blaze. Edited & Collaborated By USA 4 Trump

When VP Mike Pence spoke at the 2018 CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference, he left the crowd cheering in absolute approval!

This year’s CPAC is happening now, in National Harbor, MD. And tomorrow, during the conference, we will hear from President Trump himself! (VIDEOS BELOW)

Vice President Pence roared the words that brought the attendees to their feet in a crescendo of applause and approval! He said:

 ‘Make No Mistake, We’re Going to Build That Wall!’

After Vice President spoke those words, the CPAC ticket holders began to chant “BUILD THE WALL!” VP Pence looked out over the crowd and with a serious expression, while nodding his head “YES”!

The crowd continued with the familiar chant that America knows. And, BOOM, just like that, VP Pence instilled confidence that the job will be done!

Watch the video below as VP Pence brings the house down and the brings the wall UP! 

Fox News Insider reported, “President Trump promised to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and today illegal crossings at our southern border have been cut nearly in half and make no mistake about it, we’re going to build that wall,” he told the crowd, drawing raucous cheers.”

To see Vice President Pence’s speech in it’s entirety…watch video below! 

To read how Mike Huckabee propped up the wall against John McCain, click here. If you are READY for THE WALL then drop a comment below! Also, call your congressman and let them know! We The People want THE WALL! Click here for quick access to your congressmen.

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  1. I think both President Trump and VP Pence are doing a Great job and i stand behind them both whole heartedly.

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