President Trump Takes Stage At CPAC, Fires Off Joke Heard Round The World (Funny Video)

President Trump took the stage at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives and immediately hit a massive home run.

He went after Hillary for all the bad she has done, took some time to go after John McCain among other foes he vanquished, but it was his joke at the start of his freewheeling speech that has everyone talking.

The thing the liberals will never understand is that Trump is funny. Very funny and he has fun when he is working.

Compare this to the dour faces on the left, even when they win, and you know why America elected Trump.

Funny is good and self-deprecating humor is better and Trump does both like Jerry Seinfeld.

The left will always say Trump can’t take a joke, that he has think skin and that is simply not true.

It is one of their biggest criticisms of Trump – that he has thin skin and can’t apologize or ever admit he is wrong, etc.

It is a false charge Trump just laid to rest in hilarious fashion.

The liberal media went crazy when a recent picture showed Trump’s bald spot. They tried to humiliate Trump with it and they pushed the image daily.

But as per usual Trump gets the last laugh.

From the Hill:

“What a nice picture that is, look at that,” Trump said. “I would love to watch that guy speak. Oh, boy. Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it.”

Trump turned around as the audience laughed and combed his hair with his hand.

“Doesn’t look bad,” he said. “Hey, we’re hanging in. We’re hanging in.”

The president earlier this month was the source of a viral video mocking his hair after wind seemingly revealed a bald spot as he boarded Air Force One. 

Trump is funny of that there is no doubt, but when he laughs at himself he destroys another liberal media myth and it is great to watch.