Right After Van Jones Attacked Conservatives On Live TV, He Got Spanked By Middle America

Source: CNN Screenshot

How does Van Jones even have a job at CNN? After getting the boot from the Obama administration, a well-deserved boot it should be noted, he found a high paying home at CNN.

Which should tell you all you need to know about CNN’s journalism credentials.

Cast aside by the Democrats he suddenly found his voice on CNN and it is from there that he leads the charge against all things conservative.

Look, the Florida shooting is a tragedy but it has been compounded by people like Van Jones who are using it to score cheap political points.

It is disgusting how the media is using this senseless tragedy to try to remake America into their liking.

It won’t work because even the Democrats oppose people like Van Jones when they give in to hysteria.

From the Free Beacon:

Jones said the NRA’s role in the debate over gun policy has been destructive overall, arguing that lawmakers are afraid to take steps to solve gun violence because the group may criticize them.

“We haven’t had the kind of innovation, experimentation, trying of things—I don’t know of any of the things being proposed would make any difference at all yet,” Jones said. “But we should know more than we know right now. We should have been able to try things and we haven’t been able to.”

Like what? We have laws on the books and procedures but it seems we don’t follow them to the letter and that is more than anything responsible for these tragedies.

Will more laws stop the carnage? Most think no, that we need to enforce the laws we have if adjust them slightly.

The left is really talking about the Second Amendment and, just like the Russians, are using this tragedy to sow dissent for political purposes.

“You have a whole generation of young people who essentially see the NRA as their enemy,” Jones said. “To them the NRA is like the KKK; it’s just some hostile force that is against them, that’s risking their lives.”

Wow. This may be the single dumbest statement in the history of cable television and every single centrist Democrat running for election is horrified that a leading liberal voice is calling the NRA and its supporters the KKK.

Keep it up liberals and you will get creamed in the 2018 midterms and beyond.