James Woods KNOCKS Mueller’s Logic On New Indictments Back To The Swamp Where It All Originated

Robert Mueller and James Woods via Peter Souza, TMZ Screen Grab and USA for Trump Compilation

Robert Mueller is busy making more unrelated Russian Collusion indictments. In review, last week Mueller’s team indicted 13 low level Russian trolls. Yesterday, Mueller’s team slapped fresh unrelated indictments on Manafort! Consequently, James Woods brought the obvious TRUTH to the fresh indictments!

Morever, Fox News reported the “Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni said in a statement that the former Trump campaign chairman is innocent and stressed that the charges “have nothing to do with Russia and 2016 election interference/collusion. Manafort “is confident that he will be acquitted of all charges,” Maloni said.” (See Below)

Woods gets to the heart of the matter!

James tweeted the reality that the new Mueller indictments have NOTHING to do with the election or Turmp’s campaign.

This is what he said:

“The charges against Manafort and Gates don’t relate to any allegations of misconduct related to Trump’s campaign.” (See Tweet Below)


End the witch hunt!

In conclusion, with seven million dollars of our tax dollars spent in only five months of the investigation by Mueller’s team. The “witch hunt” is costing us a lot and yielding no collusion and no obstruction of justice.

If you like to see it end, then reach out to your State Representatives and Senators and let them know! Your voice matters! Click here for contact information. Also, to read more about James Wood’s latest tweets, click here.