Nunes Just Blasted Holes In Little Adam’s Memo During Sunday Morning Showdown

Image Source Reuters; edited by USA 4 Trump

Saturday, the House Intelligence Committee released the long-awaited Dem rebuttal to the GOP memo that outlined alleged government surveillance abuses during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

The rebuttal claims that officials at the FBI and Justice Department “did not abuse the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign.” (VIDEO BELOW)

The Dem counter memo is a big NOTHING BURGER. The 10 Page Memo is full of Schiff!

Democrats used the memo to undermine claims in the GOP memo released earlier this month, in that the FBI and DOJ relied on a Democrat-funded anti-Trump dossier. It was to ask the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant to monitor Trump adviser, Carter Page.

The Republican memo also said agencies left out the DNC’s funding of the dossier. Additionally, it left out the anti-Trump motivations of author Christopher Steele in its request for a warrant.

Republicans have pointed to the revelations as proof that intelligence agencies had abused surveillance powers. (VIDEO BELOW)

Sunday morning, Devin Nunes joined Fox & Friends Weekend, on Fox News for an exclusive interview about his response to the Democratic memo release.

Nunes started by saying that a lot of people deserve credit for uncovering the corruption with the release of the GOP memo and it wasn’t all him. He added that it was also members in his committee who took part in bringing the truth to the surface.

Nunes admitted that the democrats and the media have been trying to get him off the trail for over a year, but it’s only the House of Representatives that has the power to unearth of all the shenanigans from the 2016-2017 campaign. (VIDEO BELOW)

He added that the more he and his team pull back the facts exposing the corruption, the American people are beginning to learn how corrupt the whole process has really been.

Nunes responded to the release of the Dem memo saying, “it should scare people that you have a political party actually saying…don’t worry America, it’s okay. We do this all the time; dig up dirt on our opponent. Get it from Russia, get it from the Brits. We’re gonna take it to the FBI and open up an investigation on a campaign.”

Then, he slammed the dems for taking two weeks to release their rebuttal. The dems didn’t want this information being released in the first place, because it sheds light to the FISA abuse proving that the court wasn’t notified of the democrats paying for the dirty dossier. (VIDEO BELOW)

“To sum it up, Nunes said, “you have people defending the dirty Dossier, with their own dirty Dossier.”

Nunes said during the interview, reminding the audience, that last week he sent out a questionnaire asking current and former senior officials about the dossier, in which they have until Friday to submit it in.

Click HERE to see all ten questions. Although, the most damning question is for Barack Hussein Obama, former President of the United States. “Was President Obama briefed on any information contained in the dossier prior to January 5, 2017?”

Nunes concluded his interview in saying that, “The one thing that’s clear in this whole Russia fiasco is that the media is dead.”

Watch the EXPLOSIVE interview below:

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