STAGE 5 TDS: Maxine Waters’ New Trump Comments Proves She Has Fallen Completely Off The Edge

Maxine Waters, President Trump via Screen Grab and Daily Caller

Maxine Waters has lost all her marbles… and then some.

Here we are on year #2 of Trump’s Presidency and Waters is still pushing her ridiculous pipe dream of impeaching Trump. America didn’t give in to it the first, second, third, forth, or tenth time she and others discussed it, so what makes her think we will listen now? Especially after the latest deranged comparison she made about President Trump. Video Below

At a recent speech in San Diego, Maxine tore into the microphone and preached more on her thoughts about President Trump.

Once again, she mentioned Trump should be impeached as she yelled:

“I said he (Trump) should be impeached and they said ‘Do not use that word. Don’t say anything about impeachment.’

“The Republicans will only use it against us!…Democrats, I don’t care what the Republicans say, I say impeach 45!” Video Below

Waters, once again, could not give any definitive logic as to why she believes Trump should be impeached, but compared Trump to NOKO’s Kim Jong Un as basis for her threat.

Waters is heard saying:

“My gun is bigger than your gun. My rocket is bigger than your rocket. And on and on and on. All I see is two heads of state, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Um (Un?), both who have questionable agendas and both who have questionable mental health!” Video Below

Maxine Waters Compares President Trump To Kim Jong Un

What do you think about what Waters said? Do you think she or President Trump has questionable mental health?
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  1. She has a lot to say her mouth is the size of ithe Grand bad her brains not working

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