Trump Triggers Schiff After Giving Him 2nd Nickname In Less Than Two Weeks

Adam Schiff and President Trump via CSPAN Screen Grab and Twitter

Let’s face it. After one and a half years of investigsting, there is nothing circulating that proves any sort of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. Pundits know it, majority of America knows it, Trump knows it and deep down, Adam Schiff has to know it. And he (Schiff) apparently can’t handle the truth now that it is facing him front and center.

Earlier last night, Adam Schiff got his wish when his memo was finally released, which turned out to be a complete dud. There was absolutely nothing there that implicates Trump in the ridiculous investigation of his campaign and only makes Dems look more desperate than they are to begin with. President Trump took the moment to kick Schiff where it hurts after being embarrassed once again. See Below


Within the last couple weeks, President Trump did what he does best and gave Adam Schiff his very own nickname, when he referred to him as “Little Adam” in one of his tweets, which can be seen HERE.

The nickname apparently ticked Schiff off enough, so much that he retweeted and came up with a lousy comeback. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Schiff, once again, got another nickname from the President after his ridiculous memo was released. And this one got under Schiff’s skin even more. Trump said:

“Congressman Schiff omitted and distorted key facts” @FoxNews So, what else is new. He is a total phony!” See Tweet Below

Judge Jeanine Pirro was on the phone with President Trump, when Schiff responded to Trump’s tweets which ended up being perfect timing. Schiff, who was obviously irate for being called “phony,” tried to save face when he said:

“Wait a minute, Mr. President. Am I a phony, or sleazy, a monster or little? Surely you know the key to a good playground nickname is consistency. I thought you were supposed to be good at this.” See Below

Instead of trying to defend his memo, Schiff was caught in the act clearly annoyed and triggered by the President’s new nickname for him.

Schiff clearly has no ground to stand on when it comes to his memo, unlike the memo released by Nunes. And instead of trying to recover from the disastrous release of his memo, he was instead caught up trying to save face after being called a phony.

It’s about time Democrats and the swamp are being shown just how shady their Russian investigation based on a Fake dossier really is.

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