Former AG Just Exposed First LEAKER- WHO Could Be Investigated & Charged

Image source: Video screen grabs; edited and collaborated by USA 4 Trump

Former Attorney General under Bush, Alberto Gonzales joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. And WOW, what a power packed interview this was.

Basically, Alberto broke it down as to WHY Sessions did the right thing by recusing himself. Gonzoles and Bartiromo also EXPOSED how many leakers are under investigation. (VIDEO BELOW)

Maria asks the hard hitting question that American’s want to know, and LOOK WHO might be the first to go down for being a LEAKER!

Are there two sets of laws for the former crooked Obama administration and regular people?

During the interview, Maria asked, “Do you believe that we will see Justice?” She continued, “There are A LOT of open investigations right now that people are wondering; where is the accountability? Where is the Justice being served?”

Regarding Mueller’s relationship with Comey, Gonzales responded, “It’s something to be concerned about. There IS perceived bias with respect to his relationship with Jim Comey.” (VIDEO BELOW)

“There IS perceived bias with respect to his previous experience with the FBI. At the end of the day, he will do the right thing, follow the evidence, and reach the conclusion that is perfectly appropriate based upon that evidence,” Gonzales continued.

Maria then went on to mention that there were previously only 3 leaks brought to the light during the Obama administration. And today, there are 27 open investigations into leaks of classified information. 

Gonzoles responded, “Well, I think that the fact that the numbers are so different. Maybe, they reflect the fact that there was less of an emphasis. Or focus on going after leaking in the previous administration.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Maria went on to mention that Adam Schiff is the NUMBER ONE LEAKER, and Gonzoles mentioned there are laws on the book for that. Get him, DOJ! 

When Sessions recused himself, he gave the working men and women in the DOJ faith that not ALL upper echelons are crooked.

“Clearly, some people did some things at the leadership level that should not have been done. And, they should be held accountable.” He also mentioned that every time we criticize the DOJ, then it does great damage to the morale of the ranking members. Additionally, he believes, Sessions did the right thing in recusing himself.

Watch the video below. 

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  1. Everyone is ready to see Obama and Clinton help accountable for everything they did to this Country and it’s people.

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