After Reporter Insists Trump Works For Russia, WATCH Sarah Throw Him In The DUNCE CHAIR

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Oh boy! Here we go! Now Alphabet Soup ABC has decided to jump on the “make a news story out of nothing” campaign! Classic, text book case of circular reporting!

Jonathan Karl is ABC’s Chief White House Correspondent. Likewise, Karl seems to believe he can make a story that President Trump is working with the Putin administration simply by inserting his own opinion. And Karl REFUSES to hear the FACTS.


Karl asked Sarah the same question FOUR times. And each time Sarah gave him pertinent facts that should have satisfied him. Like, the fact that Forty million dollars has been given to combat Russian attempts to undermine America.

But oh no, not Karl. He wanted to create a fake story instead that somehow President Trump is working with the Kremlin! Karl kept insisting (falsely) that the President denied authority to Admiral Mike Rogers to have full reign on all things Russia.

Finally, Sarah had to put Karl in the DUNCE CHAIR with brutally truthful words. Video Below

Sarah Sanders responded to Jon Karl with this gem:

“I disagree with the premise of your question. It’s not just ONE individual. It’s looking at it, a number of different ways. No -one is denying him the authority. We are looking at a number of different ways that we can put pressure. Look, this President, as I told you last week, has been much tougher on Russia than his predecessor.

Let’s not forget that this happened under Obama. It didn’t happen under President Trump. If you want to blame someone for past problems, then you need to look at the Obama administration.

The President is looking at ALL of the different causes. And ALL of the different ways that we can prevent it. As we find different ways that we can prevent it, we are implementing them.” Video Below


If you would like to read more about Sarah, click here. In closing, do you think President Trump is working with the Kremlin? Or do you think the MSM has totally lost their minds in trying to create a false narrative? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Damned dumbest things come from liberal news group’s. Dumbness and duplicity run amuck.

    Sarah… You are a great person, continue earning the tax payer’s scratch! Love you.

    Being a Democrat today equates to the WWF. Funny and unreal.

  2. Shirley J Martin | February 28, 2018 at 11:10 pm |

    Sarah, if you have a Fan Club I want to join
    God Bless You and Yours Smart man picked a winner in you

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