Condi Rice Comes Forward, Absolutely Embarrasses Adam ‘Leaky’ Schiff On Live TV (Video)

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Condoleezza Rice is one of, if not the preeminent expert on Russia and Vlad Putin. Her knowledge about Russia was the exact reason George W. Bush tapped her as his national security advisor.

So, it would be wise for the liberal media talking heads who are rushing to convict Trump to listen to her when she speaks about such things. (VIDEO BELOW)

Bob Mueller is conducting his investigation and hasn’t found any evidence of collusion. He will go about his business for as long as it takes, and if team Trump is guilty so be it – they will face the consequences of their actions because this is America.

But what pray tell is Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats doing?

Getting the Democratic base all brainwashed into thinking Trump is guilty before the evidence is in – that is not how America works folks, and Schiff should be ashamed of himself?

Do you really believe after all Schiff and his cohorts have done to try and convict Trump and the media that the left will just accept it if Mueller comes back and clears Trump? (VIDEO BELOW)

Doubtful, they will yell the fix is in and continue their attacks against President Trump.

It is a game Schiff is playing and he needs to stop – let Mueller get the facts and stay out of it, and stop leaking.

Enter the voice of reason Condi Rice, who just embarrassed Schiff on national TV. (VIDEO BELOW)

“I appreciate what you’re doing for the country — but I really hope you can wrap it up…The country needs to get back to business, so… my greatest hope is that this gets done.”

Yep. Go do your job Adam and stop the nonsense.