BUSTED: Bill Maher Was Just Caught Defending Pres Trump and BASHING Opposition

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Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos- Duffy and Griff Jenkins were ON FIRE this morning on Fox and Friends! They discovered a clip of Bill Maher going OFF on the fake media!

The greed behind FAKE NEWS is what Russia was doing to us! Video Below

Maher said in the clip:

No wonder FAKE NEWS resonates SO much  with Trump Fans. Because SO much of it IS FAKE. Just NONSENSE. Made to keep you perpetually offended, with an endless dream of controversies. That aren’t controversial. And outrages. That aren’t outrageous.

Because places like the Huffington Post, and Buzz Feed and Salon. They make their money by how many clicks they get. Yes. The people who see themselves as morally superior, are actually ignoring their sacred job of informing citizens of what’s important.

And instead, sowing division, for their own selfish ends. Hey. Wait. Isn’t that what Russia was doing to us?” (Video Below.)

Well said, you can’t really add anything to that,” said Pete Hegseth. Pete went on to explain how the media creates controversy. Only for the people to realize it is all pipe dream!

Pete pointed out the line when Bill said the “endless dream of controversies.” Referring to the dream of impeachment that the left has created! Pete then pointed out the cold open from CNN. When Anderson Copper said, “I’m here with CNN, your site for impeachment porn.” No kidding!

Watch Video Below

FOX Catches Maher Defending Trump, Bashing Fake News

In closing, are you equally surprised that Bill Maher has had enough of the FAKE NEWS, too?

Drop a line below and let us know what you think of Bill Maher’s monologue. Additionally, just for fun to watch CNN dig through actual trash for news, click here. It just doesn’t get trashier than that!