Drama Unfolds As Florida’s Senate Reaches A Verdict On Whether To Ban The AR-15

State of Florida Seal, Weapon Outfitters

In the Florida State Senate on a very infrequent Saturday vote, Florida banned AR-15’s for about fifteen minutes.

After, a voice re-vote the ban did NOT pass. The final vote on the entire Bill will occur on Monday.

Watch video below as AR15 Ban FAILS to pass the Florida State Senate:

The Second Amendment is safe in Florida. 

As reported by The Hill. “While the Senate President ruled that the amendment passed, the body reconsidered the amendment 15 minutes later and overturned it by a margin of 21-17 in a roll call vote, with each “no” vote cast by a Republican. Two Republicans backed the moratorium on the rifle.” 

To get Florida or Texas to ban guns would be the liberals’ biggest victory, but they lost once again. The Second Amendment is still safe!

Guns 101 in under 2 minutes.

Jason A. Ward posted an awesome composition called “Guns 101 in under 2 minutes”. Any second amendment loving American is going to LOVE this diddy! Please be sure to share this to any and all “pajama wearing snowflakes who don’t know the difference”!

In closing, do you believe MORE gun laws would help prevent shootings? Or are you jumping with joy that Florida did not CAVE to perverting the Second Amendment? Drop a comment below and let us know!