Crowd Roars With Laughter At Trump’s Melania Joke, Stunned To Silence By Rudy Giuliani’s Hillary Joke

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It sure is good to see President Trump have a little fun. The President is one hard job and very lonely.

There is a reason they say if you want a friend in the Oval office get a dog. Turnover in all administrations tends to be high – Trump’s is no exception.

One of the things the media always gets wrong about Trump is that he is very funny and often makes fun of himself. The media say he is a classic narcissist and never pokes fun at himself, despite the funny evidence.

Well, they can all go eat crow because Trump had the crowd at Saturday nights Gridiron Dinner in the palm of his hand.

On Jeff Sessions, Trump cracked wise,

“You know, it’s weird, I offered him a ride over — and he recused himself!”

On his wife Melania and staff turnover, Trump joked,

“I like turnover,” he said. “Now the question everybody keeps asking is, who is going to be the next to leave, Steve Miller or Melania?”

“That is terrible, honey — but you love me, right?” he added, turning to his wife as the joke was greeted with gasps from the audience. And after she mouthed something off-mic, he said to the crowd: “I won’t tell you what she said.”

The guy is funny and the crowd loved it. But when Rudy Giuliani took the stage Friday night in front of GOP donors at Mar-a-Lago the reaction was mixed.

According to reports, Rudy was warming up the crowd before Trump was set to speak as was his custom during the campaign. The two remain close.

From the Daily Caller:

“Hillary was also here,” Giuliani said, according to two Axios sources. “And she actually fit through the door.”

The report insists the crowd registered shock with a collective inhalation of breath and that Giuliani’s wife gave her husband the dagger eyes. Trump was said to express relief that the remark came from Giuliani. “I’m just glad I didn’t say it.”

Wow…too brutal? Funny? What do you think of Rudy’s joke?


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  1. I am glad that president Trump and Melania had fun this weekend.

  2. Virginia Conner | March 8, 2018 at 6:00 am |

    If you give it Democrats learn to take it!

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