Nikki Haley Stepped Up To Podium & Brought The Crowd To Their Feet With A Single Phrase That Says It All

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The AIPAC is happening now in Washington, D.C. This is the time of year that over 16,000 members across all 50 States gather together with congressmen.

And, what have they all got in common? They are all PRO-ISRAEL.  (Video Below)

Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke at the AIPAC National conference Monday evening, and greeted warmly by the enthusiastic crowd. In fact, during her speech she was heckled, but not like you might think.

Three times during her speech, various people yelled out “Nikki, we LOVE you!” And, each time like a pro, Nikki, stopped and acknowledge them with a wave and an “I love you too.”

Now, having said that, it does not mean that Nikki Haley does not know how to get down to business. She is one smart, tough cookie. In fact, in the “live” feed at the conference, there were many comments that we might just be looking at our future 2024 President!

To showcase how tough Nikki is, Nikki announced to the world that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. This, of course, comes with great criticism from many of the countries who do not want Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel. Mainly, the Palestinians. (Video Below)

Making peace with the Palestinians and Israel would be a HUGE humanitarian step forward for world peace. And with President Trump and Nikki Haley at the helm, it may just happen.

Toward the beginning of her speech, Nikki jumped right in with a great story about her meeting with the Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. Nikki said in her clear and lilting voice, “Some of you might have seen that the top Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, recently had some advice for me.

This caused great laughter from the audience and Nikki paused, then continued, “He told me to ‘shut up’.” A more subdued laughter from the audience ensued and Nikki looked square into the camera and addressed Saeb directly. She said, “Mr. Erekat, I will always be respectful. But I will never shut up“. (Video Below)

The house roof almost caved in from the thunderous roar of the whoops and applause this illicited from the packed house!


In closing, if you would like to send your well wishes to Nikki Haley drop a comment below! Do you think she’d make a great first woman President for 2024? To read more about Nikki, click here.

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  1. Chris Bonjoc | March 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm |

    Nikki Haley for President 2024.

  2. Way to go Nikki Haley put that punk in his place. Looking good.

  3. Connie Anderson | March 7, 2018 at 12:47 am |

    You are doing a great job! I am so proud of you.

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