Right After Jim Acosta Attacked Sarah Sanders, Hannity Sent Him Scurrying Back Under Rock He Crawled From

Source: Screenshot

Jim Acosta has been a nuisance in the White House for some time and Sarah Huckabee Sanders is sick and tired of it.

Sarah, clearly within her rights, has not called on CNN for a few days and Jim is furious at the slight. (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah silenced him with a simple answer: (VIDEO BELOW)

Enter Sean Hannity. The defender of liberty and all things Trump.

He had Sean Spicer (where has that guy been?) on his show last night to put an end to the controversy.

Sean Spicer did not hold back saying,

“Acosta is both clueless and classless,” Spicer said. “Because Jim Acosta didn’t get his precious question, which I’m sure would’ve amounted to screaming and yelling at something absurd, he feels as though [Sanders] showed a lack of courage.” (VIDEO BELOW)

But Sean was warming up and then dropped a new nickname that will follow around Acosta for a long time.

Sean said he is the “carnival barker in the press room.”

Pretty good Spicer, pretty good.