Rosie O’Donnell Gets Lambasted After Calling All NRA Members Terrorists

Rosie attacks NRA as terrorist organization. America strikes back. Feature photo by US4Trump screen capture from Daily Mirror.Rosie attacks NRA as terrorist organization. America strikes back. Feature photo by US4Trump screen capture from Daily Mirror.

Rosie O’Donnell should probably take Dolly Parton’s advice. Remember during the interview with ABC? That moment when Parton famously said “I’m Not in Politics, I’m an Entertainer.”  

Rose definitely lost a few of her one million fans when she was raked over the coals by Americans. Americans who disagreed strongly with her! See Below

First, Rosie sent a tweet to the spokeswoman for the NRA, Dana Loesch, which is fine except for one detail. Rosie had Dana blocked! Meaning, Dana would not be able to see the tweet or defend herself.

Thank goodness for a Twitter user by the username Tyler, the Myth, Man, Legend! He certainly lived up to his name, as he screen shot the tweet then tagged Dana so she could see it and respond!

Additionally, Tyler made mention of Rosie’s spelling. Rosie spelled the acronym for the National Rifle Association, HRA. Tyler wondered what that stood for…perhaps, some sort of homeowners association?

Tyler used Rosie’s ‘faux pas’ to tag Dana. This gave Dana the opportunity to respond back to Rosie’s attack. (See Tyler’s tweet below.)

“So Rosie sent this to . what’s the HRA?”

Dana responded very respectfully and let everyone know that Rosie has her blocked, which is the reason Dana didn’t respond! Apparently, it made Rosie’s head exploded when she saw the “God bless.” Because her reply is what made America STAND UP and shut her DOWN.

“I never saw it because she curses me out from behind a block. Sorry that you can’t accept women who think differently from you. God bless.”

O’Donnell, then tweeted the following: 

“i cant accept a woman who is the mouthpiece of a terrorist organization –

Essentially O’Donnell is calling NRA members, Dana included, a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

America came to the rescue! Below you will find the cream of the crop of replies!

Apparently, Republicans have an incredible sense of humor and they know their FACTS!

Wait until you see the thorough roasting Rosie received! Grab your popcorn and enjoy them!

The logic from Jimbo’s meme is almost too fierce! And Stu came in with “So you’re no longer a fan of ?”

And Release the IG Report came in with a statement regarding her children since Rosie attacked Dana’s children.

Rosie seems to have no problem attacking children. Remember how she went after Barron Trump?

Release the IG Report said, “She should probably spend more time with her kids given whats out in the news about them.” Keep scrolling – the best replies are yet to come!

Another well placed meme which simply stated, “Like HIllary?” by Ms. Maxwell

Travis simply stated the obvious, “Rosie is now a national joke.”

And in ending, Emily comes in for the mic drop! Literally! She tweeted, “Do you mean Someone like Linda sarsour? Oh I forgot you support her.”

You have to love our well informed NRA card carrying American’s! Click here to read when O’Donnell attacked Nikki Haley’s parents! If you side with Dana and her well balanced response and the fellow American’s who lambasted Rosie. Then drop a comment below! h/t Twitchy