Sarah Just Slapped Obstructing Chuck With Brutal Message That Will Humiliate Him

Sarah Sanders exposes Chuck Schumer on his damaging Senate floor tactics. Photo credit to US4Trump screen captures.Sarah Sanders exposes Chuck Schumer on his damaging Senate floor tactics. Photo credit to US4Trump screen captures.

Moments ago, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood tall at the podium in the White House briefing room.

She took obstructing Chuck Schumer to the wood shed and back! (Video Below.)

After introducing America to a nominee that Chuck is obstructing, Sarah told Schumer EXACTLY how he’s harming America and the entire world with his tiresome political hack games on the Senate floor.

Sarah began the briefing with “Today I’d like to highlight Yleem Poblete. It has been almost 150 days since Dr. Poblete was nominated to serve as  Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Verification and Compliance.”

Sarah continued flawlessly, “She would work to verify compliance of arms control including disarmament agreements and missile defense cooperation.”

The press secretary made it clear that “we need her in place so she is able to fully represent the United States at upcoming International meetings to discuss Syria’s use of chemical weapons. And to participate in April’s nuclear non proliferation treaty preparatory committee meetings.” (Video Below.)

Sarah stumbled a little bit on that mouthful! But who wouldn’t?! She joked at herself and said, “say that really fast!” And, then continued, “And yet, Senator Schumer is holding her up.” 

She continued with “putting the safety and security of the American people and frankly the entire world in danger.”

Exposing Schumer’s weak plan on the senate floor, Sarah continued, “Senator Schumer is blocking nominees indiscriminately. He forces time wasting procedural votes on nominees, and then eventually votes in support of them.” (Video Below.)

She went on to tell exactly what Obstructing Chuck did: “Just yesterday, the Senate had to waste precious floor time on a universally respected nominee. Terry Doty, who was confirmed 98-0.”

Then, Sarah let it ALL out of the bag for the American people to know!

She said, “Even Senator Schumer eventually voted in favor of the nominee! Yet, still demanded that the Senate go through an archaic Senate procedure that delays votes and wastes the American peoples’ time.” (Video Below.)

And then, BOOM! Sarah laid it down and if Schumer has a conscience, then this has to hurt! She said:

It’s a disgrace. It’s dangerous, and it must come to an end.”

Watch the video below to see Sarah calmly light into Schumer! 

Would you like to see Schumer STOP his antics on the Senate floor so that nominees can go through?

If you answered yes, then call his office and tell him! Let’s blow his phone up! Call Phone: (202) 224-6542! Or click here, to send him an email! If you’d like to see more of Sarah then Click here!