After Reporter Calls Trump CHAOTIC, WATCH Sarah Wipe The Smirk Of Her Face

Image Source: USA 4 Trump

Wednesday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to the podium while taking a number of questions from the crooked liberal press pool once again.

And within minutes, every reporter was knocked down one by one by. (VIDEOS BELOW)

While the Trump administration is focusing on fixing the mistakes of the last administration and upholding what then candidate Donald Trump campaigned and promised to America, the press refuses to acknowledge the many achievements he is fulfilling and accomplishing for us as President.

During the briefing, Cecilia M. Vega, White House correspondent for ABC News, was among one of the reporters to stir the pot, and keeping the press pool looking like a joke.

Her question was in regards to Economic Adviser Gary Cohn, who is leaving the White House after losing a tariff fight with the administration.

Cecilia tried to take a jab at President Trump asking about the turnover rate in the White House, and why so many people are leaving the administration. (VIDEOS BELOW)

“This is an intense place, as [is] every White House, and it’s not abnormal that you would have people come and go, but we’re continuing to do great work,” said Sarah Sanders.

Cecilia dived in even further insinuating that Trump’s administration is chaotic. Meaning his team and the President are a mess.

Sarah pushed back leaving her jaw on the floor with the list of accomplishments the President has achieved. (VIDEOS BELOW)

However, Cecilia wasn’t the only one to try to smear President Trump today.

The next reporter questioned where President Trump will turn to for advice after Gary Cohn leaving, and Sarah dropped the hammer once again letting him know who the American people voted for.

Watch the TWO videos below:

“At the end of the day, the American people voted overwhelmingly for President Donald. J. Trump. They voted for his policies, his agenda, and for him to be the ultimate decision maker.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Boom! The crooked liberal press needs to give it up. The American people voted for Trump and not Hillary. When will they get it through their thick skulls and give President Trump a fair shot?