What CNN Just Admitted About Trump’s Greatness Will Go Down In History As Day Media Caved

Image Source: USA 4 Trump

President Trump shocked the world again last night and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Trump left all the experts and pundits with nothing negative to say.

They love bashing Trump at every turn. No matter what the guy does they go on TV and try to destroy Trump for one thing or another.

But try as they might, when Trump announced he will meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “by May” they all turned into jealous fanboys.

“Just an extraordinary evening, and, of course, opening the door to the big question: If President Trump can truly solve this problem, ah, that would be going down as a great president,” said Erin Burnet said. “And there’s no way around that. That’s the reality here.”


Trump inherited a mess – on many fronts – and no one mentions it and they never give him a break for not following the established protocol that doesn’t work.

He is trying new tactics – tariffs on trade and a new approach to North Korea. The experts couldn’t solve these problems and bashed Trump’s every attempt. As if driven by arrogance and jealousy – if we can’t do it you never will, after all, you are just some NYC real estate guy.

Trump’s moves seem to be working and when he succeeds, the media if this video is any clue, will be forced to give him his due.



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  1. Im so proud of our President Trump. He is doing Great and Phenominal. Things.and guess who we have to Thank.Jesus Christ!our soon coming King! He is the reason forTrumps Great Accomplishments!and God has a purpose for President Trump being in office.Stay Tuned and see why!

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