Don Jr. Trolls Cooper & Co. With A Hilarious Viral MEME

Don Jr., trolls Anderson Cooperon twitter! And it's epic! Photo credit to screen grab by US4Trump and Raw Story.Don Jr., trolls Anderson Cooperon twitter! And it's epic! Photo credit to screen grab by US4Trump and Raw Story.

Donald Trump Jr. wins for best tweet of the day! Since CNN has fallen to it’s lowest levels in the ratings, a viral meme has been hitting social media!

And Don Jr., tweeted as a matter of roasting the once serious news outlet. Today, the CNN outlet is simply known as a leftist media propaganda arm. Check out the viral meme below!

Don Jr. Trolls CNN

Referring to a meme that’s been floating around, Don Jr. included the picture and said:

Can someone confirm if this is a real CNN headline or not? I can’t tell anymore.”

See Below

Of course, that is a photo of Sean Connery with the President! Likewise, a photo of Sean playing the Russian captain who wanted to defect to the United States in the movie, The Hunt for Red October.

As per Wikipedia, “the story is set during the late Cold War era and involves a rogue Soviet naval captain who wishes to defect to the United States with his officers and the Soviet Navy’s newest and most advanced nuclear missile submarine.

An American CIA analyst correctly deduces his motive and must prove his theory to the U.S. Navy before a violent confrontation between the Soviet and the American navies spirals out of control.”

Check out some of the replies from Don Jr’s troll on Anderson Cooper’s non-stop porn cast.

Anderson Cooper can’t stop talking about Stormy Daniels. His last 16 videos are about that subject. You’d think the awesome economy or the meeting with NOKO would be newsworthy for CNN and their viewers. But no.

This liberal attacked the President by saying, “Does it matter? Your Dad has made a joke out of the office he holds. He’s a walking meme & most are actually true. Let that sink in for a minute.” And  Deplorable Klyn responded with FACTS. She tweeted the following.

“That’s the Pot calling the kettle black!   who cares who he slept with 13yrs ago, at least he’s not walking around the White house with his pants around his knees with cigars & interns! He’s the JOKE.”

And right on time, Trump supporters came to show their support!

In closing, if you would like read about what happened to the guy who sent Don Jr. and his family the white powder, click here.