With A Final Ultimatum, President Trump Sends Sanctuary Leaders Into Utter Disarray

Trump and various sanctuary leaders, via USA for Trump Compilation

On Saturday, President Trump gave his weekly address, where he put the focus primarily on “lawless sanctuary jurisdictions.”

In recent weeks, there have been disgraceful situations where leaders of U.S. cities have prevented the Federal Agency I.C.E from carrying out their duties of removing dangerous illegal immigrants from communities. In the video, President Trump voiced his determination to put a handle on the situation that he feels is a danger to America. Video Below

Trump started out by saying, “Protecting the safety and well-being of American citizens is my highest duty as President. Yet lawless sanctuary jurisdictions are nullifying federal, obstructing immigration enforcement, and releasing thousands of criminal aliens into U.S. communities to prey on innocent victims.”

Trump claimed the sanctuary jurisdictions are harboring drug dealers, killers, rapists, sex offenders, gang members and other criminals. He then gave examples of specific situations involving leaders refusing to comply with I.C.E that occurred in primarily in California, as well as in New York City and Denver.

Trump said, specifically, “the state of California is sheltering dangerous criminals in a brazen and lawless attack on our constitutional system of government.” He claimed California is in “open defiance of federal law” and they don’t care about crime, death, killing, and robberies…the things that “you and I care about.”

As a solution, Trump said he is calling for “a block in funds to jurisdictions that shield dangerous criminals.” And followed by saying, “It is time to end blood shed brought about by reckless sanctuary policy. And it is time to save American lives and American cities.” (Video Below)

President Trump’s Weekly Address

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8 Comments on "With A Final Ultimatum, President Trump Sends Sanctuary Leaders Into Utter Disarray"

  1. Arrest the people in these states and cities that are violating our laws knowingly. Fine them, and remove them from their office. Place ICE agents at polling places, to help shut down illegal voting that is helping get these people elected!!

  2. Block funds?? Arrest them send in military if necessary this is treason? against America go in and ARREST & DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS

  3. Linda B DeLong | March 11, 2018 at 12:15 pm |

    Sedition calls for the the strongest remedies available. And states that permit non-citizens to vote must NOT participate in national elections

  4. Reeser Ferguson | March 11, 2018 at 2:19 pm |

    Block their funding and arrest any government officials complicit in interfering with enforcement of Federal Law!

  5. I agree with the above comment.Do it & make short work of this problem. Schaff & Brown should be the first recipients of arrest, in that order. And go from there.The time for words is over.Action is due. Time to pay for the play!

  6. I’m all for the arrest of illegals and anyone harboring them. You got my vote but I don’t believe this is a ballot issue

  7. Angela Spradley | March 11, 2018 at 6:46 pm |

    These government officials are breaking the law! I do not care WHO you are, or what position you currently, or have EVER held! If you break the law you should be punished accordingly. In addition to punishing local, state, and federal leaders who break the law….illegal aliens are at minimum guilty of illegally residing in our Country! But when they are discovered to be using our social welfare programs, they should be required to pay back every cent they have wrongfully taken from American taxpayers, as well as be fined for crossing illegally and staying. Then they should be sent back to Mexico, and threatened with a mandatory ten year prison sentence if they return.
    If the liberals want to whine….we can always agree to adopt Mexico’s immigration policy; the General Law on Population. (title)

  8. Sharon Hughes | March 12, 2018 at 2:19 am |

    Thank God. Im in Shasta County where our leaders announced they will follow Federal law not state.

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