KARMA: After Attacking Trump Supporters, Crooked H HUMILIATES HERSELF TWICE (VIDEO)

Image Source: Video screen grab

Hillary Clinton is still very much upset she lost the 2016 presidential election.

Her poor me tour still continues while it’s filled with excuse after excuse. (VIDEO BELOW)

Hillary Clinton is currently in Mumbai, India where she spoke at India Today Conclave 2018, slamming President Trump, and suggested Trump voters don’t want black people to have rights or women to have jobs.

While visiting the Jahaz Mahal, Crooked Hillary slipped twice and almost fell while she was walking down steps.

In the video below, Crooked H is seen walking down the steps with a man holding her arm.  After she slips and looses her balance, another man rushes over to help.

Hillary, with two men now holding on to her arms, manages to slip again. (VIDEO BELOW)


During the 2016 campaign, fake news CNN ran a story suggesting Trump was afraid of stairs. Nice try.

There was also the day in New York where Hillary Clinton was wobbling outside a van before she falls and is assisted into the vehicle. Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 memorial event due to the heat, according to her campaign. (VIDEO BELOW)

Image result for hillary falling into van

We are so thankful we have Trump as President. A very stable and healthy GENIUS.


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4 Comments on "KARMA: After Attacking Trump Supporters, Crooked H HUMILIATES HERSELF TWICE (VIDEO)"

  1. I only had one beer , officer …..hic !

  2. This old cow belongs in jail. God is getting her for the hatred and misery she has caused and spread

  3. Virginia Conner | March 16, 2018 at 6:53 am |

    I never laughed so hard!! Karma !!

  4. She better shut up. She lost Trump wins. Her fall wasn’t caused by missteps, but her fat ASS. She should walk to the woods more often & reflect?

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