Stunning New Details Released About The Proposed Meeting Between USA and NOKO

President Trump and Kim Jong Un via Reuters, KCNA and USA for Trump Compilation

South Korean media reported new information and details related to the proposed meeting between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

On Thursday, shockwaves were sent around the world after news broke that President Trump decided to accept a proposed meeting by Kim to negotiate the potential denuclearization of North Korea’s regime. And on Monday, more details were released by South Korea in regards to the meeting, which is due to take place in May. Details Below

According to Bloomberg, South Korea media reported the North Korean regime wants to sign a peace treaty with the United States. As per their report:

Kim is likely to raise the possibility of a peace treaty, along with establishing diplomatic relations and nuclear disarmament, during a meeting with the U.S. leader, the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said Monday, citing an unidentified senior official in South Korea’s presidential office. Trump last week agreed to meet Kim, although key details of the summit have yet to be decided.

A North Korean professor by the name of Koh Yu-hwan,  said the North Korea has wanted a peace treaty for quite a long time, dating back to the over 60-year-old ceasefire between the U.S. and North Korea.

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The professor said:

“There were agreements between the U.S. and North Korea to open up discussion on a peace treaty, but they never materialized. The U.S. wants a peace treaty at the end of the denuclearization process, while for the North, it’s the precondition for its denuclearization.”

President Trump and his team have a major task at hand to hammer out a deal within the next 2 months. Such a deal could end years of rift between the 2 nations…something only weeks ago was thought to be impossible, as many were in fear a nuclear war could break out between the 2 sides.

President Trump is being cautious as to not jeopardize the meeting at hand, as he tries to work out a way to conduct annual military drills with South Korea in a way that will not step on Kim Jong Un’s toes. And Trump believes North Korea will not conduct any more missile tests before the meeting is set to take place, as he stated in the following tweet:

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  1. Joy wisner | March 12, 2018 at 9:17 pm |

    I think he is turning all his nuclear stuff over to Iran…..stop his program if we will provide billions of dollars to his country. But will he house and feed the people? Start industry and jobs????

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