Before Departing, Trump Said Six Emphatic Words That Made Reporters Jaws Drop To The Ground

Image source: Video Screen Shots; edited by USA For Trump

As the President maintains his busy schedule keeping his promises to the American people and making America Great Again, the President is en route to California today.

Just before departing, he spoke to the press briefly. (Video Below)

The President is traveling to San Diego, CA today where he will review the Border Wall Prototypes. That’s right. It’s happening folks. Another promise kept.

At the beginning of last year, President Trump issued an executive order instructing the Department of Homeland Security to plan, design, and construct a fiscal wall along the southern border.

The order also instructed DHS to appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the southern border.

He also tweeted, “Heading to see the BORDER WALL prototypes in California!” (Video Below Tweet)

While the press bombarded the President over his decision to replace the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, he had another little surprise, saying 6 words that made the reporters jaws drop to the ground.

The President bids adieu to the press, en route to San Diego saying:


GLORIOUS! Liberals and the press ultimately TRIGGERED.


In addition, the President also tweeted the following about The Wall:

“According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the $18 billion wall will pay for itself by curbing the importation of crime, drugs and illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole.

“…California’s sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional and put the safety and security of our entire nation at risk. Thousands of dangerous & violent criminal aliens are released as a result of sanctuary policies, set free to prey on innocent Americans. THIS MUST STOP!”

BOOM! We love President Trump! Are you ready for the Wall? Drop a comment below and share.

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  1. Build that wall. Those ranchers and the border patrol need it badley and so do we. Then scope out the under ground too.

  2. Round them up ship them out build wall tall wide and deep Deport all illegals they all are criminals breaking the law

  3. I have been ready for the wall for YEARS! Build it!

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