During Trump’s Cali Visit, Reporters Were Instantly SHOCKED By What They Saw In The Distance

Image source: Video screen shot

As the President maintains his busy schedule keeping his promises to the American people and making America Great Again, the President went to California Tuesday.

He traveled to San Diego, CA where he checked out the Border Wall Prototypes. That’s right. It’s happening folks. Another promise kept. (Check out the videos and tweets below)

At the beginning of last year, President Trump issued an executive order instructing the Department of Homeland Security to plan, design, and construct a fiscal wall along the southern border.

The order also instructed DHS to appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the southern border.

The President was able to visit the men and women of ICE and Customs and Border Protection today to see the border wall prototypes. He was on the front line (literally on the border) to hear why we need a border wall and legislation to fix the enforcement loopholes.

He tweeted the following with a video: (Video and Tweets Below)

“If we don’t have a wall system, we’re not going to have a country. Congress must fund the BORDER WALL & prohibit grants to sanctuary jurisdictions that threaten the security of our country & the people of our country. We must enforce our laws & protect our people! #BuildTheWall”

Reporters were instantly SHOCKED by what they saw in the distance during President Trump’s visit:

As the president inspected the prototypes, hundreds of supporters rallied in support of the President’s visit and were chanting “Build that wall!”

There is hope in California. WATCH:

Dan Scavino Jr., President Trump’s social media director, tweeted the following pictures:

Sec Kirstjen Nielsen also tweeted pictures from the President’s visit:


And lots of supporters came out for support of President Trump’s visit: (See Below)


And, one just for fun:

We are so blessed to have a President who cares about America and the safety of all Americans.

God Bless President Trump!